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Beware, YouTube!

You’ve got competition!

Last Friday, CNN reported a story about GodTube, a Christian version of YouTube that would serve as a site to share videos of Christian content. At a glance, it seems laughable; however, during the month of October, GodTube had reported over 4,000,000 unique visitors and 150,000 registered users with active profiles. Not bad!

Well, until it went back to being laughable again.

The Associated Press writes: “GodTube videos includes music, comedy and heated theological debates. Two of the most viewed include a corny rap remix called “Baby Got Book” and a 4-year-old girl reciting Psalm 23 from memory.”

I had to check out GodTube and see what it was all about. Upon entering the site, I saw their slogan: “Broadcast Him”. I rolled my eyes and moved onward to this “music” they talked about. To be honest, I didn’t get very far. Once I saw a video for “Lifehouse”, a lame Christian wuss-rock type of band, I thereby ended my search for music on GodTube.

I did watch 4-year-old reciting Psalm 23 from memory. Cute. But, whatever. Am I dying to send this to everyone I know? Absolutely not.

I’m not that religious, nor is this the appropriate platform to spew any opinions or beliefs upon, but GodTube just seems a little weak to me. I suggest you check it out yourself though, and if there are any religious folk in the bunch, I’d love to hear your take on it.

Here is the 4-year-old getting her Psalm on, since its an .swf file and won’t embed for some reason…


2 Responses to “Beware, YouTube!”

  1. So, shouldn’t there be a Lordtube also? or no?

  2. Damn interesting…….. i’m always up for a thoughtful discussion of semantics.

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